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10 good reasons i can't find
16 December
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what little is known about me from my own perspective is to be written here to disect for your own reading orgasm... yes it's that fucking ownderful...

but nonetheless, heres what i do know... i'm sixteen from an off center family. my dad was an alcoholic, my mom is a dependent housewife, who manages to lean on me for everything. the good in me is from her and apperently anything of the odd nature about me come from my father. i love my parents, but they are both oblivious to the big picture about me, they look at the smaller details instead of looking outside the box, hunting for what they hope to be my salvation of a life and motivation to live happily ever after... it ain't that easy... I am not that simple.

i have no faith of any kind, i lost all hope in religion when i lost tony, cause by my ex james, the fuck face who runied my life (2 times in one life time... i think thats a record everyone!)my happiness or any hope of motivation has been cut off from where i stand.

i have friends{my best friend being krissy who lives 40 minutes away }, sometimes, it's hard for me to communicate, i try to explain but thats not easy. i've has an eating disorder(anorexia and bulimia what a fun lovin' mix) and been a cutter since i was 12, which my parents discovered earlier this year (an observent pair, eh?) and my lifes been shit since. i'm no where near recovered although i play a good script. i am an actress, and my life is an art, mastered to the tee...

wasted addict